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Not Just Another Snapshot

The art of studio lighting meets beautifully designed lines, hard work and great stories. 


77' /7 

From a shed to the studio

This old BMW was found down an alley in Toronto inside an old shed. It started its life in Vancouver and it showed... Most of the parts were corroded from the salt in the sea air. It made its way across Canada finishing its journey in Toronto where is was maintained mechanically but not cosmetically. Eventually it was retired by its owner to a damp and dark tool shed.


El Citron

By: Motobrix

A 1974 Kawasaki S3; as a sibling to the legendary H1 and H2, the S3 had a smaller 400cc three cylinder 2-stroke engine. Although not as much of a “widowmaker” as the 750cc H2, the S3 still had a powerful engine for its time. El Citron keeps the character of an old 2-stroke, but with a completely modernized chassis.

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71' BMW R75/5

By Timemachine 

In Moza Blue this /5 looks stock up front but the rear section of this bike has some serious custom work. It's a creation by one of Toronto's newest bike builders, Timemachine Co.  They created a custom solo seat that works as if it was stock, a modified /2 luggage rack was been adapted and sits over the rear fender. Beautiful Wixom saddlebags held on by custom mounts as well. The best part is, its stock factory look. 


La Poderosa

1974 CB750K - By Nick acosta

Built from a wreck this CB750 is not your everyday cafe racer build. Gorgeous lines with the perfect touch of modern additions and still true to its vintage heritage.

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Man & Machines in their element





Another day at the office

1929 Indian Scout

Only in califoria can you find a vintage Indian Scout being used as a daily commuter. Did I mention it shares a parking spot with a biplane?

Vintage Speed

VRRA 2018

Classic and vintage motorcycles meet the track.


Above WW1

The Red Baron

A hidden gem in the GTA, The Great War Flying Museum wont disappoint. If you like any types of mechanical objects like us you will love what the The Great War Flying Museum has to offer. It may not be the biggest place but we were allowed to roam around the planes as we pleased. Might be a good place to get some inspiration for your next project. 



Need a destination? Check out Steeltown Garage and get your caffeine and motorcycle fix all in one place. Jeff and Tania have done an amazing job getting just the rite vibe to relax and enjoy a cappuccino or stock up on the latest gear and apparel.